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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Ron Beatty and I have been providing custom floral arrangements throughout the Richmond, Virginia area over the last 30 some odd years. This artistic work encapsulated me at a young age, as the skills were passed down to me from my mother. I have operated at many different locations through the years, but now am finally at my dream location here at 1401 W Main St. I specialize in custom designs for standing business orders, large events, weddings, and funeral work. I do my best to run an efficient and sustainable business and try to be cautious of waste. I am connected with local growers and hand pick all product. This means I rarely keep a full selection of flowers on hand. 


I take great pride in accommodating those with a vision to celebrate their special day/event and find much joy in sitting down and getting to know every person who walks through my door. I love being creative and providing a unique design to every individual, therefore I prefer an in-person meeting verses email. To set up a meeting, please call 804-515-1777.



Ron B    

Your neighborhood florist

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